The next step

By the time I caught up with the Nottingham Outlaws walk they had visited Harvey Hadden stadium and managed to reach Highfields. Some had already done their bit and dropped out and others had joined. Several of the lady members are missing from the picture as they opted to avail themselves of the facilities on offer. Others were to join later.


Building work at Harvey Hadden.

Of course, in years to come it’s going to be like the Sex Pistols at the Lesser Free Trade Hall – only 40 people were there but thousands claim to have been. Once we open the new clubhouse you just watch how many people claim to have been on this walk.


Arrival at Highfields. Page leads the way through the tram works. I really must recruit him for the British Beard Club. See previous posts for more details.

Here’s a picture of the remains of the Toll Bridge Inn, scene of Richard Johnson’s mis-spent youth with Nottingham Crusaders. Looking at the selection of photos it seems like everywhere that Outlaws go the bulldozers follow.


After that it was time to attend my Mum’s 85th birthday party but I do know that the walk came to a successful end and a couple of new people signed up as benefactors. There’s no need to be shy – we are are happy to accept money off anyone!


It’s started

On a slightly damp, grey morning the walk started. Silly to have expected anything else in November. All the usual suspects were there, as were a number of fashion faux pas. Is it OK to say faux pas in a Rugby League post? Come to think of it, is it OK to say faux pas anywhere apart from The Tatler?

George Orwell is my guide on this – Rule 5 says no, but Rule 6 probably allows it when you think of the alternative phrase in my mind.


Nottingham Outlaws Rugby League

I haven’t had much time for Rugby League recently as work has been getting in the way.  The summer passed and for the first time in nearly ten years I didn’t make an Outlaws match. They don’t seem to have suffered too much from the lack of support.  Let’s be honest, my support consists mainly of shouting biased nonsense from the sidelines so I”m easily replaced.

Tomorrow will be my first outing of the year and it isn’t even for a match, it’s for a sponsored walk. Don’t worry, those of you who know me, I haven’t taken leave of my senses, I’m taking the car option. We will be touring the historic spots for Rugby League in Nottingham as part of the Project 30 fund-raising activities. Some, obviously, will be putting more effort than others.

I will report in tomorrow with details.