Europe and me

I may as well start with a big subject, so here it is – my contribution to the European debate.

I’m going to vote to stay in because I’m lazy, I’m concerned about what might happen if we leave and because my kids want to stay in. It doesn’t really matter to me – in around 30 years it won’t be of any concern to me but the kids will be left with the results of my vote.

That, incidentally, is why I keep trying to treat the planet with more respect – it’s no real concern to me, but if cutting down on plastics, recycling and composting will help my kids and grandchildren (if any) it seems churlish not to do it.

Live as if you’ll die tomorrow but farm as if you’ll live for ever, as they say, not that farmers are particularly good at it.

So, having made up my mind without the need to listen to the torrent of trivia currently spewing forth on TV, I feel no remorse at continuing to dodge the news and watch programmes about cookery, tattoos and crime.

I’ll keep it decently short instead of ranting, because we aren’t going to run short of words on the subject.

Sovereignty is a major point in the argument, but as I never had much sovereignty before the EU I’m not going to worry too much about whether the legislation I can’t influence comes from Europe or from Westminster. Basically my lack of sovereignty boils down to three things – I’m not allowed to execute people, I can’t refuse to admit refugees and I have to have a smaller motor on my hoover.

As I don’t want to execute people, we never refused refugees even before the EU and I agree with smaller motors on hoovers (though I’m not honestly that concerned) membership of the EU doesn’t really restrict me too badly.

The only other matter worthy of mention is the Boris Johnson debate. I always thought he was OK, but that covers a wide range of people from the Dalai Lama to Attila the Hun – most people have some good in them and as long as they leave me alone I’m happy to let them get on with their lives.

Now, I’m not going to pass an opinion one way or the other on BoJo’s European stance but I will say one thing.

If he was up for election on the rugby club committee (which seems to be as good a place as anywhere for him) he’d be great as a Social Secretary. Maybe even an inspirational, though disorganised Chair. But I wouldn’t vote for him as Treasurer. And if rugby clubs are ever allowed to have nuclear weapons I wouldn’t want him to have the button.

Hopefully that is all I will have to add to the European debate.